About NCM

Establishment of the centre:

In the year 2007, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan issued a federal decree Law No. (6) Of the year 2007 to establish the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology.

Quotes from the Federal Law by Decree No. (6), 2007:

Article (3):

The centre objects to merge the source of meteorological and seismic information, monitoring the changes that occur in the atmosphere, providing meteorological services and engineering seismic to all sectors in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in the country in addition to the exchange of data and information related to this goal on the regional and international level, to keep pace with the scientific progress and the implementation of studies and research on the area of ​​ the field of the centre.

 Article (4):

The centre focuses in all disciplines associated to the provision of meteorological and seismic engineering services being practiced by concerned authorities. The centre can only exercise without the influence of others all authorities by an act issued by the Minister as per the recommendation of the Board of Trustees, and in coordination with the concerned authorities.


Centre’s Vision:

Achieve excellence in meteorological and earthquakes services and to contribute to the development of science by endorsing sustainable development of the Country.


Center’s Message:

The National Centre of Meteorology aims to unite the source of meteorological and earthquakes in the Country and to control changes that occur to the atmosphere and the earth's crust and to deliver meteorological services.

Strategic excellence: