About Climate Department

Climate section is considered as the prime reference in the country for climate data. NCMS has succeeded in collecting climatic data and examining various forms of climate data (surface – upper air - marine) round-the-clock where data is stored in sophisticated climate database practice. Increasing the number of automatic stations throughout the country has also helped with the abundance of climate data and given an overall picture of climate patterns in the country.

The centre issues weather reports on daily, monthly and annual basis of the centre network stations along with the preparation of mean climatological data.

Climate Department offers set of services that contribute to the growth and infrastructure development in the country by providing climate data to the governmental and private institutions in all sectors for the purpose of projects’ studying in order to take the necessary measures and procedures to cope with emergency situations and consequently reduce material and human resources losses. Furthermore, Climate section provides climate data to colleges and universities students for their graduation research.

Climate section is specialized in the following:

  • Review, audit, index and store technical data.
  • Process data, organize data bank and develop necessary methods to maintain data.
  • Reporting climatic on daily, monthly and yearly bases.
  • Prepare climatological mean data, and the climate atlas of the country.
  • Prepare the studies and climatic reports requested by another party.
  • Conduct climatic studies for abnormal weather phenomena in the Arabian Gulf region.