Engineering Seismology and Geology

  1. Evaluation of earthquake activities and hazard seismic assessment in the state.
  2. Issuing earthquake hazard maps for UAE.
  3. Participate and coordinate with engineers in Municipalities, Public Work, and Universities to prepare and maintain the seismic building code for earthquake resistant design.
  4. Participate in issuing seismic reports, maps, posters, and leaflets in the field of earthquakes.
  5. Coordinate with local authorities to minimize seismic risk as much as possible by using the seismic building code through awareness at all level in the UAE.
  6. Participate in implementation of seismic, engineering and faults geology studies, in the state, in order to assess the seismic hazard.
  7. Implementation studies for Arabian plate tectonic.
  8. Offering advice and consultations in seismic hazard field to government and  private sectors (universities, institute, companies).

To enable seismic Department manage their tasks, the National Center of Meteorology and Seismology, provided the Department with the latest devices, technologies and software available globally in the seismology field.

To do so, the selection of the best human resources specialists in the seismology field, and has also set  a number of citizens, training and scholarship in specialized courses outsides the state.