Support and Customer Services Department:

Units managed by the Support and Customer Services Department are:

  1. Information and Marketing Services Department specialised on the following:
    • Preparing audio-visual and printed information materials of the centre’s activities.
    • Present Centre’s products to the media, institutions and the public.
    • Organizing centre relationship with the media and beneficiaries.
    • Prepare work documentations and follow up its implementation.
    • Marketing technical output of the Center.
    • Prepare contracts with its contents for the beneficiaries of center’s services.
    • Handling filming and editing work and produce reports on critical meteorological and earthquakes cases. 
  2. Department of Finance and Procurement responsible on the following:
    • Prepare lists with different varieties of required items for the center and make procurement procedures.
    • Issue order placements, prepare contract and follow up its implementation with the suppliers.
    • Prepare the annual budget for the center’s needs.
    • Follow up the implementation of budget provision and put up the necessary restrictions on spending it.
    • Prepare final annual statement of the center.
  3. HR and Administrative Support Department responsible on the following:
    • Handle human resources issues connected to appointments, promotions, allowances, vacations and many others.
    • Monitor and time keep center’s staff attendance and leaves.
    • Organize committees’ administrative works linked to HR.
    • Prepare correspondences issued from the center to third parties.
    • Deliver, receive, distribute and put up a systematic structure on letters and correspondences.
    • Organize, archive and set procedures on warehouse and inventory.
    • Make the necessary actions on warehouse inventory and estimate committees.
    • Prepare and distribute internal circulars in coordination with the administrative unit of the Executive Director.
    • Take the necessary measures for the implementation of staff administrative training.
    • Control cars movements and follow up execution of tasks entrusted to drivers.
  4. Customer service and Quality Department responsible on the following:
    • Receive request from public and those who deal with the center, convey it to the appropriate department and make sure it is been taken care of.
    • Meet the needs of companies and entities aligned by contracts with the center by extending regular services and resolve any issues encountered in the implementation of their contracts.
    • Put up customer care system to receive and guide customers to service sites.
    • Monitor Center's customer service website.
    • Investigate on suggestions and complaints received by the center from the customer.
    • Follow up internal automated SMS reply program.
    • Organize visits to the center.
    • Provide the necessary information that connects the center staff with outside parties.
    • Construct foundations for the overall quality and take the necessary measures to get the center on international quality standards.
    • Develop methods to enhance the quality of work at the center.