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General questions:

Where is the center location?
The Center location and contact details can be found on the "Contact Info" page.

Do you have an account in social network sites?
Yes we do, you can check Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages from the links at the bottom of this page.

Do you have an application on smart phones?
Yes we do, on iPhone Weather UAE and on Android Devices Weather UAE.


What is the period of your expectations for the state of the weather?
Only for three days, so as to increase the accuracy of forecasts.

Is there a number to call directly to check the state of the weather?
To check the state of the weather, please call 022227377.

What is the difference between meteorology and astronomy?
Meteorology is a science specialized in examining the atmosphere extending from the surface of the earth to a height of almost 1000 km. astronomy is concerned in studying planets and stars with its orbits and tracks.

What is the meant by cloud seeding? Is it harmful to the environment?
Cloud seeding is urging the cloud to increase the amount of water falling on earth by using certain non-harmful chemicals to the environment.

How many kilometers the sea depth is away from the coast?
Approximately 10 km .

What are the requirements to obtain information on weather forecasts?
Please send an email or fax message signed by the requesting party stating type of requested information and number of years of requested service.

Why is it feeling heat seems sometimes higher than the actual reading of temperature?
This is due to the variant of humidity on air.
For instance: if the temperature reading is 34 degrees Celsius whereas humidity is 66%, this will feel as temperature is 47 degrees Celsius.

What is meant by tsunami?
Strong waves caused by major earthquake in the deep water of the ocean.

Training and scholarships:

Does the center offer scholarships for students interested in studying meteorology and earthquakes studies?
Yes, you can see the details of the scholarship on the page assigned here.