Department of Meteorology


The Department of Meteorology monitors the changes that occur to the atmosphere and the provision of meteorological services to all different sectors of the country, in addition to the exchange of data and information regionally and internationally, according to the rules and obligations internationally established by the World Meteorological Organization and , International Organization of Civil Aviation , regional and international organizations, also is to keep pace with scientific development and raise awareness of various activities of the center by all available means.

Also the Meteorological Department of the Center achieve its mission through private organizations and developed infrastructure, to serve multiple sectors in the country, including aviation, marine, agriculture, industry and oil.

Which includes the main centre of forecasting, that follow-up the atmospheric changes Over the 24 hours, and issuing the needed weather forecasts and warnings, also it includes aviation and marine forecasting sections, where these sections produce weather forecast and marine bulletins with high-resolution, whether to the public or to the operational centers or to the media also to the public and private entities in the country, as well as issuing warnings, weather and marine in cases that require it, such as hurricanes or severe wind storm or heavy rain, or fog and dust storms, and other phenomena that may have a negative impact on society, and send to the executive authorities, as well as the publication of these forecasts and warnings a day through the various media so that the people and the concerned authorities, that will help them to decide the suitable decision to protect their lives and property, and the capabilities of the country, which contributes to the growth and prosperity.

Meteorological Department tasks:

  • Preparation of weather maps of various types throughout the day, and studying the different air masses and their impact on the Country and the surrounding countries.
  • Study the numerical forecast models and prepare for the future weather forecast
  • Issuing forecasts for the general public, the media, sports activities and other recipients concerned.
  • Issuing forecasts and reports specialized for air Line flights, and also issuing a weather report about the different airports for the purpose of landing and take-off.
  • Issuing marine forecasts for the safety of navigation, fishing and the work of oil companies operating in the sea and marine sports
  • Issuing and distributing alerts and warnings in critical weather situations, and reporting to the emergency operations centers and decision-making and the concerned crisis management.
  • Checking and processing climate data indexed and stored in the data bank, and the preparation of reports and studies of climate and climate atlas of the country.
  • Planning and implementation of cloud seeding operations