Charter of Electronic Participation

The National Center of Meteorology takes the utmost care to interact with its base of followers, through its website and social media outlets, with respect and professionalism, in an effort to both ensure their satisfaction and exceed their expectations.

First: Our commitment to you

  • Our interactions and dealings with you will always be conducted with respect, careful attention and cheerfulness
  • We will interact with you through a cooperative team that is knowledgeable and understanding of your needs, enabling them to answer your queries
  • We will address your queries in a timely manner
  • We will provide you with accurate information
  • We will be present to interact with you both through the channels and during the times that suit you best, as much as possible
  • We will welcome your opinions and suggestions to cooperate with you in improving out services

Second: Our request to you when communicating with us

  • Interactions based on mutual respect in appreciation of employees’ efforts in serving you
  • Refraining from the sharing or discussion of personal information and topics
  • Adherence to public morals and laws
  • Refraining from comments that contain inappropriate language, and that offend or violate the privacy of others
  • Refraining from comments that breach national security
  • Refraining from comments that violate intellectual property rights of others and/or disclose their confidential information
  • You can communicate with us through the following social media channels:

Twitter: @NCMS_media

Facebook: @ncmsmedia

Instagram: @officialuaeweather

YouTube: @UAEWeather