Job Applications :

Welcome to the National Centre for Meteorology  Job Applications page

The National Centre for Meteorology seeks to attract national qualified expertise of those with ambition and skills who are also having the willingness, ability and professional readiness to contribute in order to hire, train and rehabilitate to become highly competent, creative and innovative within the journey of corporate excellence of the center. This is due to our commitment to achieving all goals, outcomes and expectations set out in the strategic plan of the center.

In order to apply and facilitate the process of getting a job for those wishing to work in the center, employment team in the department of human resources publish vacancies available through this page. You only need to submit your CV highlighting your academic qualifications and practical experience.

General Conditions for employment at the center:

  • Priority is given to United Arab Emirates citizens.
  • Availability of the requested academic qualifications and practical experience for the job applied for.
  • Computer Literacy.
  • Proficiency in speaking and writing in both Arabic and English.

Actual Vacancies:

No vaccancies.