Cloud Seeding


The UAE is one of the first countries of the Arabian Gulf region that have use the cloud seeding technology, which adopted the latest technologies available on a global level, using sophisticated weather radar, to monitor the atmosphere of the country around the clock, In addition to the use of a private airplane supplied by special salt flares, has been manufactured to fit with the nature of the physical and chemical properties of the  clouds that form in the UAE, these clouds have been studied previously in the past years before starting to carry out cloud seeding in the country and have classified these clouds and identify the appropriate, this study found that the best seeding for clouds form in the summer over the eastern and southwestern regions.

Cloud Seeding Applications section is specialized in the following:

  • Planning cloud seeding operations and set its time schedule in accordance to weather and climate studies of different regions in the country in different seasons.
  • Take the necessary measures to carry out cloud seeding operations such as the preparation of airplanes with its necessary flares in addition to obtain clearance for airplanes operations mission.
  • Study the outputs of cloud seeding operations and in view of that prepare the necessary reports.
  • Follow up results of cloud seeding projects in other countries through climate change to benefit in enhancing the efficiency of cloud seeding operations in the country.
  • Offer meteorological services.
  • Secure aeronautical and maritime navigation.
  • Study environmental pollution.
  • Participate in the field of agriculture.
  • Projects planning for urban and city.
  • Play a major role in warning of anticipated natural disasters.